Based in Wollongong, Australia

Release date:
August 2015



Airscape: The Fall of Gravity is a fast-paced, gravity-shifting action platformer about a deep-sea octopus who has been kidnapped by a mechanical alien race. Control a Dumbo Octopus (Grimpoteuthis abyssicola) on a skybound adventure to save its family from the clutches of the motorized menace. Jump, dodge, and swim through a breathtaking environment full of floating islands, water formations, and robotic terrors. There's no fighting in Airscape - you'll have to rely on your wits, speed, and reflexes to navigate through the deadly gauntlets.


Daniel, a first year university student from Wollongong, Australia, started work on the first Airscape back in early 2012. The initial prototype won a competition run by the company behind Construct 2, the game creation software used to make Airscape. Winning the contest and receiving lots of good feedback led Daniel to continue work on Airscape. To help with the new and improved Airscape, he recruited Claudia Starke, a university student from Germany as the game's artist, and Sam Gossner, a freshman in college in New England, U.S.A, to create the game's original orchestral soundtrack. Dieter Theuns was later roped in to create the game's new logo and UI design, as well as additional artwork.


  • Innovative gravity system that will have players flipping and revolving around the level
  • Unique swimming mechanic that meshes perfectly with the gravity gameplay
  • Physics-based terrain allows the level to shift around the player in a moment's notice
  • Original full orchestral soundtrack
  • Did we mention that you play as an octopus in a helmet?


Airscape: The Fall of Gravity Trailer 2  YouTube

Airscape: The Fall of Gravity Announcement Trailer  YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Intel Level Up 2014 - Best Use of Game Physics" - None
  • "PAX Aus 2014 - Australian Indie Showcase" - None

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About Cross-Product

We're a team of students from around the world, working together to create Airscape: The Fall of Gravity.

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Airscape: The Fall of Gravity Credits

Daniel West
Project lead, design and programming

Claudia Starke

Sam Gossner
Composer and sound designer

Dieter Theuns
UI and logo design

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks